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Miriam is a recent Current Young Professionals Future 15 Recipient & Young Professional of the Year finalist. We first shared Miriam’s Library Story a few years ago when she moved to the area and was using the library as part of her job search. We just had to catch up with her! Spoiler Alert: She’s still a Library Lover ❤

Miriam’s Library Story Update, April 2024

“So much has changed in the last 5 years! I got my dream job and then the pandemic happened and I transitioned to another position and it was an amazing experience! I worked with students and got to be a part of their lives. I met amazing people in the community who helped develop me into the person and professional I am today. I now work for the State and get to serve this community in a whole new way!
The Main St. Library [East Branch] is closest to my house, it is so new and beautiful I love seeing people of all ages engaging in such different ways, it’s a staple for sure!
I like the study rooms or the computers so I can think clearly and work on my first book in a clean quiet area. I also attend events at the Central Library downtown such as PopCon and the Wisconsin Public Life Home is Here event.
Libraries have given me a safe clean quiet environment to let my mind wonder and my imagination run free. Libraries always have been and and continue to be a place where anything and everything is more than possible. Librarians are encouraging and helpful and surrounded by the courage of others to put their thoughts to paper, what can stop you in a library?
Libraries give people from all walks of life a space to do work for school or a business venture. Learn about other cultures and meet people through the page. Libraries offer knowledge to the community that, without preservation, could easily be lost to time. Libraries are fundamental and no matter what the future holds I will find my way to support my local libraries because no matter how old I was I have found support from the library!”

Miriam’s Library Story, October 2019

Miriam was new to the city and searched for “libraries near me”. Google sent her to our Southwest Branch and on the road to a new career.
“Well, I just moved to Green Bay I didn’t have a laptop at home so I came to the library. I liked that it was nice and small so I could really focus and get my work done. I applied for a position at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay for their Study Abroad Coordinator. I found all the librarians to be super helpful in getting all of my materials together and figuring out how to do things and adding so much more time to my computer usage. Then I got the position and they continued to be helpful getting all my documents submitted so that I could be on my way to a bright future.
I love reading. I have found librarians to always have innate wisdom into finding you good books and things that kind of make you a better person.
This is the first library card I’ve had since I was 10. Once I got into high school and college there were assigned books, I used the libraries there but not really going out into the libraries but now that I’m out of college and I’m not forced to read, I can read for leisure. I’m trying to get through The New Jim Crow by Alexander. She is so intelligent it’s like being back in college. I have to reprogram my brain because before that I did a Mary Higgins Clark, Cry in the Night.
I always read every year, the Chronicles of Narnia. My mom started reading that to me when I was about five and every year I re-read them.”

Bill’s Library Story

Bill has been borrowing books from the library since he was a child, but only started using the library as a writer three years ago.
“I’m trying to write historical fiction, and I’m also doing research on history, mainly World War II. I’m also kind of a film buff and I like obscure stuff. Just even for sociological reasons for research. Like I just a while ago, I rented Triumph of the Will, the Nazi propaganda film. Not a film that you would watch over and over again, but something that I wanted to see how it was made. And stuff like Battleship Potemkin a soviet propaganda film, stuff that you don’t watch all the time.” He often uses the interlibrary loan service to get those more obscure films and books he needs for research.
In fact, the library has served as a sort of incubator as he develops as a writer. He uses the Kress Family Branch as a workspace, getting out of his small apartment and spreading out on our large tables to work on his book. He also attends programs that support his writing like a recent writing workshop presented by local author and publisher Brittiany Koren and utilizing our Tech Tutor service as he gets to know his new Chromebook,
“Everybody on staff is very nice and I’m really grateful for the help with the Tech Tutor because I am not tech savvy. I’m slowly but surely, even though i might seem to pester you guys a lot, learning how to use my Chromebook. Then I print up my stuff that I write and I send it out to a circle of friends and family who are writers and filmmakers.”

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