Library Board


Seven or nine members from the community, appointed by the County Executive. One member to be a school representative and one to be a member of the County Board. 


Meetings normally held the third Thursday of each month at 5:15 p.m. at the Central Library. Meetings are open to the public. Citizens wishing to speak before the Board may do so during the Open Forum of the meeting. Contact the Library Board

Library Board of Trustees


Mr. Brian Anderson



Ms. Jayme Sellen


Personnel Officer:

Ms. Kathy Pletcher


Facilities Officer:  

Mr. John Van Dyck



Ms. Annette Aubinger


Ms. Marissa Meli


Mr. David Running


Library Board Meeting Minutes

Important Notice: All library board minutes are reviewed, approved and occasionally corrected at the following meeting of that committee. By viewing these documents, you acknowledge that they contain information that may not have yet been approved by its committee, and are subject to change.

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