Suggestion for Purchase

Can’t find an item that you need in the Brown County Library collection? If the item is more than 6 months old, try requesting an interlibrary loan – items can often be borrowed from other public libraries!

If the item is not available via interlibrary loan or is newly released, use this form to request materials you would like to see purchased for the Brown County Library collection. Please check the library catalog to verify that Brown County Library does not already own or has already ordered the item you are suggesting. We do not accept requests for items prior to one month before the item’s release date as listed on Amazon (books) and (DVDs). Due to the high volume of suggestions we receive, we are not able to purchase every title or respond individually to requests.

If items requested are purchased, a hold will be placed for you, and you will be notified when the item is ready for checkout. This process could take several weeks. Should the library decide not to purchase the suggested item or if the requested materials are out of print or unavailable to the library, an interlibrary loan could be considered. Due to national interlibrary loan protocols, we cannot obtain items from other libraries that are less than six months old (as listed on

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What is the subject of the item? (example: true crime, gardening, education, etc.) Why do you think the item should be added to the library collection?