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A guide covering local, state and federal law and municipal codes, and resources for legal assistance. Please note that the Brown County Library does not provide legal advice, nor should any response given or forms provided be construed or interpreted as legal advice

General Legal Resources
Brown County no longer offers a law library within its Courthouse at 100 S Jefferson St, Green Bay. Individuals are encouraged to contact the Wisconsin State Law Library listed below.

Wisconsin State Law Library
The Wisconsin State Law Library exists to serve the legal information needs of the officers and employees of this state, attorneys and the public by providing the highest quality of professional expertise in the selection, maintenance and use of materials, information and technology in order to facilitate equal access to the law. While they cannot provide legal advice or do legal research, they can help you track down answers. Additional resources can be found at the University of Wisconsin Law Library.

Wisconsin Law Library – Ask a Question
Brown County Legal Agencies
Brown County Legal Assistance

Gale LegalForms
Library card number required. Prepare legal forms without all the trial and error. Gale LegalForms offers thousands of authentic, Wisconsin legal forms from wills to business contracts. The forms are fill-in-the-blank, downloadable, and continuously updated to reflect the latest laws.