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What is Arduino?

Arduino is a credit-card-sized, programmable microcontroller that can read sensors and will turn on lights, run motors, and more, based on the code you write. Want to see the Arduino in action? Click here for a YouTube playlist of some of our favorite projects!



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Upcoming Events


Arduino at the Library!

An introduction for kids and teens (ages 10-18) and families! Write code, invent & interact with your environment with Arduino. Have you ever wanted to learn the basics of writing code or building small electronics? Arduino is a credit-card-sized, programmable micro-controller that can read sensors and will turn on lights, run motors, and more, based on the code you write. Once you know the basics, the possibilities are endless! Learn more at this hands-on session. Space is limited, call the number listed to register.


Friday, January 19  |  1:30-3 pm | Central Library | 448-5846

Thursday, February 22 | 6-7:30 pm | Central Library | 448-5846


Arduino Club


For kids and teens ages 10-18 who have attended an Arduino at the Library event – build new projects and learn more about coding at Arduino Club! We begin with 45 minutes of guided projects to expand on our Arduino knowledge. If you’ve already attended a club with the scheduled guided projects, come for the second 45 minutes for open play with our kits and extra electronic components. You can come with ideas or we’ll help you find a project to try. Have a project that you built at home? Bring it in and show off your creation! Space is limited; call 448-5846 to register for one or both halves of an Arduino Club session.



Friday, January 19, 3:15-4:45 pm
Guided Project:  3:15-4:00 pm
Open Play::     4:00-4:45 pm

RGB (red, green, blue) LEDs can display almost any color in the rainbow, all from one tiny LED bulb!  Learn how to light up in different colors and create a vibrant “mood light” that turns on when lights in a room are dimmed.



Thursday, March 1, 6:00-7:30 pm
Guided Project:  6:00-6:45 pm
Open Play: 6:45-7:30 pm

A potentiometer is a simple knob that can be used to control variety of components, from LEDs to motors. Learn how to use a potentiometer to add a new layer of complexity to simple projects!




Library Event Code & Diagrams

Introduction to Arduino [.pdf]

RGB LED [.pdf]


Arduino Resources

Library books about Arduino 

Arduino Glossary & Diagram [.pdf]


Buy an Arduino and related components

Maker Shed

Arduino Official Starter Kit

Spark Fun


DigiKey (components)

Jameco Electronics (components)


Official Arduino Resources

Official Arduino Website


Support Forum


Project Ideas & How To’s

Instructables: Hundreds of great Arduino project ideas with easy to follow instructions

Jeremy Blum’s Arduino Tutorials: Beginner tutorial videos by engineer/hacker Jeremy Blum

Sparkfun – What is an Arduino?: Sparkfun’s introductory tutorial

Sylvia’s Super Awesome Maker Show: Sylvia has lots of maker projects, but check out this specific episode for a few simple Arduino projects.

YouTube: Search for “Arduino” to get thousands of videos with tutorials & projects


Learn More

All About Circuits: Information about electronics for both students and hobbyists


123D Circuits: Test out your projects beforehand by building prototypes in this web-based tool