Celebrate the Day of Listening

You are invited to take time to sit and listen to the stories your friends, family, and neighbors have to tell. 

To help you get started in your conversations, we have developed these BINGO boards.  Pick someone in your group to lead the game and have them ask the questions on their board. Mark an “X” on your board as questions get answered.

This is a non-competitive game for everyone. Really, it’s just a chance to share spaces and share stories. However, the first one with a BINGO  can be declared the winner and lead the next round of the game.

Bingo Boards

Print your BINGO boards here:

Board 1 | Board 2 | Board 3 | Board 4




Tips on how to be a great listener:

  • Find a quiet place without distractions
  • Have paper and a pen available if you want to takes notes about the stories that you are hearing
  • Listen to the answers the person gives and ask yourself: do I want to know more about what they just said? Am I confused by what they said? If you answer yes, ask follow-up questions.  Short questions that work well here are:


     What were you thinking?

     Can you tell me more?