Objectives of the Proposed Building Renovation

In compliance with Brown County policy, one goal of the renovation will be to retrofit needed HVAC, plumbing, electrical. lighting and other infrastructure so as to improve energy efficiencies by 25%.

Storage areas would be finished and used for public space. In the existing building, only 56% of the space is open to the public. In the renovation, public spaces would increase by at least 20,000 square feet by re-using space that current, large, two-story air handlers consume or from unfinished storage space that cannot easily be ‘re-purposed’ with the current stairs and layout.

In addition, the staff work spaces, currently buried in out-of the-way places or awkwardly dimensioned  would be reconfigured for staff efficiencies  Computer data lines, which now visibly stretch up walls and under ceiling tiles would be replaced. The RFID technologies would be installed to allow for automated check-in and sorting of library materials, freeing up staff members from this monotonous task as to provide additional customer service.

Future/Functional Needs (Goals)

A safe, healthy, code compliant library that will last another 40 years

Immediate Needs

  • Electrical System
  • HVAC/Air Handling
  • Fire Protection – Sprinklers
  • ADA Compliance
  • Elevators
  • About $12M for deferred maintenance

Integration of Technology

  • RFID automation including materials handling and sorting
  • Self check-in
  • Self check-out

Integration of New Amenities

  • Efficient layout for digital media, computers and seating
  • Expanded meeting room space
  • Small conference rooms
  • Sound isolation, including new Quiet Room
  • Larger children’s area – double current size

Reassignment of Inefficient Space

  • 55% more public space – recaptured from exterior, mechanical and staff spaces
  • Consolidation and reduction of storage space

Functional Enhancements

  • Two-lane drive-up window
  • Improved parking
  • Connectivity between all floors
  • Flexible and open floor plan
  • Improved elevator service

Efficiency Improvements

  • Enhanced book stack layout for increased capacity and easier browsing
  • Increased energy efficiency – Target: 25%
  • More natural light
  • Temperature/humidity control for historic items in Local History & Genealogy collection
  • Equipment consolidation with easy access for maintenance services

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