Library Reports & Data

Brown County East Branch Feasibility Report

Brown County Library Facilities Master Plan 

Prepared by HGA Architects and Engineers – 2016.  The purpose of the Facilities Master Plan was to evaluate the facilities of the Brown County Library in its nine locations, in order to define location, number and types of libraries necessary to best support the library system and its future services.  The overarching goal of the study was to provide a framework for the system that would enable BCL to remain relevant as individual branches and as as a system to best serve the Brown County communities into the future.

Power Through Partnerships


Working Toward Energy Independence Sustainability visions guide Brown County and the Oneida Tribe to partner on paths toward energy independence: planning, funding, implementing, and evaluating energy conservation, efficiency and renewable energy projects.



Included in this YouTube video is a segment on the library’s skylight and other energy efficiencies. (8:34)

Strategic Plan 20132013 Strategic Plan
A NEW Plan: Libraries Change Lives

In 2012, the Library Board discussed the need to develop a new strategic plan for the future. In preparation, they began reading a number of articles on the Library of the Future. In early 2013, Library Board members, Friends of the Library officers, county board members, the Library Director, and Dr. Lora Warner met for a four-hour retreat. Brown County Supervisors Bernie Erickson and John Van Dyck also attended.
Professor Warner presented key findings of the 2011 Life Study of Brown County and responded to questions regarding the data. Based on the findings of the Life Study, the participants identified the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Brown County and how the Library does or could contribute to supporting the needs of the community. Results focused on four areas the Library could impact.


Library Playbook


Library Services Survey

Conducted by St. Norbert College Survey Center in 2006.


Sustainability Plan

The Library Sustainability Plan, adopted by the Library Board in 2009, has directed the implementation and/or completion of the suggested Energy Conservation Methods (ECMs).


Central Library Renovation

The Brown County Library Board took a proactive approach by commissioning a series of studies to determine whether and how the existing building could be renovated to serve future and functional needs.