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NEW! International Film Series

Tuesdays in October
Central Library Auditorium
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Download a flyer (.pdf)

Please note that all films are unrated and intended for mature audiences

The AuctionOctober 7:
The Auction.
France, 2013
French w/English subtitles, 112 min
A man of few words, Gaby manages his family’s farm – Buchard & Sons – on his own, despite his advancing age. With no actual sons to speak of, and his two grown daughters living far away in the big city, he spends his days tending to the animals and land that surround him, eschewing modern technology and most social interactions. When his eldest daughter, Marie, appears at the family homestead to share news that she’s finally getting divorced and in desperate need of money in order to keep the home where she and her children live, Gaby’s quiet life begins to unravel. In an effort to tend to his children much the way he steadfastly tends to his farm, he’ll be forced to make sacrifices he never intended for the sake of those closest to him.

WatchtowerOctober 14:
The Watchtower.
Turkey, France, Germany, 2012
Turkish w/English subtitles,100 min
Haunted by a tragic incident, Nihat isolated himself by becoming a fire warden in a remote observation tower far out in the wilderness. Seher lives in a makeshift room at a rural bus station, and she has taken a job as a bus hostess to escape her own traumatic past. Destined to come to a crossroads, they go about their solitary lives until their fates collide.Beginning at first as muted antagonism, their relationship quickly turns into tender domesticity as they settle together at Nihat’s mountain-side watchtower. Yet the weight of the past presses on the silence between them, serving as the ultimate catalyst in their impassioned relationship with each other, and with higher powers that guide their spiritual lives.

2 Autumns 3 WintersOctober 21:
2 Autumns, 3 Winters.
France, 2013
French w/English subtitles,  93 min
Arman is 33 and ready to make a change, starting with a run in the park.  When he literally bumps into Amélie – slightly cynical but nevertheless lovely – on the jogging path, he’s dead-set on making a connection with her. As a bit of contrived fate brings them together, Arman’s best friend Benjamin suffers an unexpected stroke,relegating him to the hospital for weeks where he falls for his doting young physical therapist. Over the course of two autumns and three winters, Arman, Amélie and Benjamin share the incidental moments, unexpected accidents, unconventional love stories and unforgettable memories that will define who they are.

Three WorldsOctober 28:
Three Worlds. 
France, 2012
French, Moldovan w/English subtitles, 101 min
Al is ten days away from marrying the daughter of his boss, along with succeeding him as the head of the car dealership where Al has been working for most of his life. While coming back drunk from his bachelor party, Al commits a hit-and-run and is urged to leave the scene of the crime by his two childhood friends who are with him. The next day, gnawed by guilt, he goes to the hospital to inquire anonymously about his victim. What he does not know is that the entire accident was witnessed by a young woman, Juliette, who is going through her own emotional upheavals. Juliette not only called 911, but contacted the victim’s wife, Véra, a Moldovan illegal immigrant whom she decides to help and keep company at the hospital.   But when Juliette recognizes Al as the reckless driver in the hospital corridor, she is unable to denounce him. Gradually they get to know each other better and Juliette becomes a mediator between Al and the unsuspecting Véra. However, things get complicated when romantic feelings between Juliette and Al start to arise, and Véra finally finds out about their secret relationship.

Films are distributed by Film Movement, a full-service North American distributor of critically acclaimed award-winning independent and foreign films from 25 countries and six continents, including top prize winners from Sundance, Cannes, Venice, Toronto, Berlin, Tribeca and many other prestigious film festivals.

Great Books Discussion
Second Tuesday of the Month
6:30 p.m.

This series is sponsored by the Department of Humanistic Studies, University of Wisconsin – Green Bay and is open to the public. (Free parking after 6:00 p.m.) Download poster.

Date Title/Author Presenter
October 14 Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin History Professor Kevin Kain
November 11 Letters to a Young Poet and Selected Poems/Rainer Maria Rilke German Professor David Coury
December 9 Beloved/Toni Morrison English Professor Rebecca Meacham


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